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Interaksi antara organisma hidup

Interaksi antara organisma hidup
1. mangsa-pemangsa
2. persaingan
3. simbiosis

Simbiosis adalah interaksi antara dua spesies yang berlainan yang hidup bersama.

Dalam simbiosis, satu organisma sentiasa mendapat faedah dalam bentuk makanan, tempat tinggal, tempat perlindungan.
Organisma lain pula mungkin mendapat faedah, kerugian, atau tidak mengalami sebarang perubahan.

Mutualism: When both organisms benefit in the relationhip.

Commensalism: When one organism benefits while the other remains neutral.

Parasitism: When one organism lives off the other and gains all the benefits and the host is hurt.

1. Commensalism/偏利共生/ Komensalisme

Commensalism is a class of relationship between two organisms where one organism benefits but the other is neutral (there is no harm or benefit)

偏利共生 是指在生物界中,某两物种间的生态关系,其中一种的生物会因这个关系而获得生存上的利益,但是,另一方的生物在这个关系中,并没有获得任何益处,但也没有获得任何害处,只是带动对方去获取利益。

Komensalisme adalah interaksi antara dua organisma, dengan satu organisma mendapat faedah daripada organisma lain. Organisma yang satu lagi tidak mengalami sebarang kerugian.

2. Mutualisme/互利共生/ Mutualisme

Commensalism is a class of relationship between two organisms where both organisms benefit.

互利共生 是指在生物界中某两物种间的一种互相依赖、双方获利的专性共生关系.

Mutualisme adalah interaksi antara dua organisma, dengan kedua-dua organisma mendapat faedah.

3. Parasitisme/寄生/ parasitisme

parasitisme is a class of relationship between two organisms where one organism benefits and the other one is harmed.

寄生 其中一種的生物获利而另一方受损。

Parasitisme ialah Interaksi antara dua organisma, dengan satu organisma mendapat faedah manakala organisma yang satu lagi mengalami kerugian. organisma mendapat faedah ialah parasit. organisma mengalami kerugian ialah perumah / inang

Interaksi antara organisma hidup
membolehkan keseimbangan ekosistem dikekalkan.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Bab 4 Saling Bersandaran antara Organisma Hidup

Spesies :
Sekumpulan organisma yang mempunyai ciri-ciri dan rupa bentuk yang sama.
Sekumpulan organisma yang sama spesies hidup bersama-sama dalam suatu kawasan yang sama.
beberapa populasi haiwan dan tumbuhan yang hidup bersama-sama dan saling bersandaran antara satu sama lain.
Ekosistem :

beberapa komuniti yang saling bersandaran dan berinteraksi antara satu dengan yang lain serta dengan persekitarannya yang merangkumi benda bukan hidup  seperti air, udara, tanah, dan cahaya matahari. 



The African savanna ecosystem 

Marine Ecosystems

Semua organisma yang hidup di dalam sesuatu habitat berinteraksi (interact) bagi mengekalkan keseimbangan (maintain balance) di dalam habitat tersebut.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Platipus (Platypus)

Platypus , (In Malays, Platipus) 鸭嘴兽 is a mammal that lays egg.
It lays egg and looks like a reptile ,why is it a mammal? it is because baby platypus drink milk from their mothers.

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

heart / Liver /hati / 心脏 / 肝脏

When we talk about heart in English:  good heart 心地善良; broken heart 伤心, our imagination will lead to this :

The same things happened when we talked in Malays Language : baik hati 好心,  sakit hati 心痛

Actually,  what does a heart ( jantung ) looks like?

Your heart is about the same size as a pear. It sits behind your sternum (which is the bone between the two sides of your ribs) and your ribs on the left side of your body just next to your sternum.

The heart pumps blood around the body to all of the organs, muscles and other parts of the body.  The blood carries oxygen and nutrients which the body needs to work properly, and it also carries waste products that we do not need away from the muscles and organs. 

By the way, what does a “hati” (liver) looks like?
It looks like a reddish brown wedge.It lies on the right hand side of your abdominal cavity underneath the diaphragm and behind the ribs.

Liver makes glucose from carbohydrates . Some of this glucose travels in the blood to the rest of the body where it is used for energy. Some of the glucose is stored in the liver as glycogen and it is there until your body needs to use extra energy. It also helps to keep blood glucose at the right levels. Our liver makes bile then stores it in the gall bladder until the body needs some to digest fats. 

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